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Refreshing for Your Baby.

14 Dec 2019

Bath time is a fun and relaxing way to bond with your baby. But, not all babies are happy to splash around in the water. A few babies tend to get anxious. The first step is to make your baby feel comfortable and happy. It can be difficult to handle your tiny, wriggly baby, so start the bath routine on a fun note. For a few minutes, hold your baby and gently float her around in the water. Let her paddle her legs and feel the water. This will help put her in a happy mood for the bath. If you are looking at making the best of your baby’s bath time, here are three handy tips you can try:

1. Calm your little one with your voice

Smile, coo, and talk to your baby as you slowly splash water on her. Always maintain eye contact, as this will reassure and soothe her. Start bathing by gently washing only the face and neck, and then move to the hands, tummy, and feet. Babies love to listen to their mother’s voice, so hum a tune or tell her a story. The key is to continuously chat with your baby. This will create a happy mood and strengthen your communication with her.

2. Baby wash for bubble excitement

Babies love to play with bubbles. Use a refreshing baby wash and work up a lather in your baby’s tub to create a fun bubble bath. This is especially fun during summer, as it’s a great way to freshen up your baby. Condition and protect your baby’s skin by choosing a refreshing baby wash containing natural ingredients like Watermelon, Champaca, and Neem to manage prickly heat rashes and excessive sweating.

3. Fun with toys and music

Turn bath time into a stimulating playtime to encourage sensory development. You can use toys like a little rubber ducky or an animal-shaped squeaky toy. Babies develop motor control of hands and fingers when they play with these squeeze toys. You can also create a fun experience by playing soothing music or your baby’s favorite rhyme in the background.

You can make your baby’s bath time an enjoyable and comforting experience with the right planning and products. Not all new mothers are comfortable using a tub to bathe the baby. If you prefer bathing your baby by placing her on your lap, have everything you need around you. Place a towel or cotton cloth on your legs for baby to lie on. Use a gentle but firm grip. Avoid rubbing too much, holding the baby too tightly, and using water that’s too hot.

You can include bath time as a part of the bedtime routine to encourage a healthy sleeping pattern. Use soft lighting and keep the bath time short, so that both you and baby are happy.


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