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Your little one’s hair care !

26 Dec 2019

Washing your little one’s hair can be a challenging task. Choosing the right shampoo can help make baby’s hair shiny and healthy. With many options to choose from, keep the following points in mind while selecting the right shampoo for your bundle of joy.

Natural, Gentle and Safe

Your baby’s hair and scalp are soft and sensitive during the initial months, making it vulnerable to allergies and irritation. Natural and herbal products are known to be safe and gentle for baby. Choose a product infused with the power of herbs that can nourish and enhance the quality of baby’s hair, while being mild. Understand the role and effect of each ingredient before you buy the shampoo.

Hair Nourishment

The shampoo you choose should specialize in nourishing the baby’s hair. Baby’s hair can become dry and brittle if proper care is not taken. Use a shampoo that can nourish baby’s tender roots without causing any irritation and tears. Shampoo enriched with Chickpea, a natural source of protein, can effectively nourish hair, making it healthy and shiny.


Baby’s scalp is prone to cradle cap, a common condition where the baby’s scalp develops greasy, yellow, and flaky dandruff. Let your bundle of joy reap the goodness of natural protein and conditioning from a shampoo that contains Khus-Khus, an excellent antibacterial, and antifungal agent.

Bath time is a wonderful way to build a bond with your little one. It gets even better when you do it the right way. Being a part of improving baby’s skincare and hair care could be one of the best moments that you will cherish for the days to come.


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